La Mission Swiss de Geneve

I had been preparing for a mission since around age 17 when I had received my patriarchal blessing. There were lots of things in it that seemed to me to guide me towards a mission to fulfill some of my life missions.  At the end of my junior year I received my mission call to the Geneva, Switzerland Mission speaking french. I was to enter September 3, 2003.

I found the mission blog and another sister had received her call and was reporting the same day as me, her name was Desiree Dean Morrell. Grandma picked me up from Merilee's apartment, where I had been staying and visiting friends, and took me to Chuck-a-rama. New missionaries can eat there free on the day they report and so there we went. Soeur Morrell waited for me in the lobby until I got there. Then Grandma took me in and Neal and Merilee came and we watched the entrance video and then said farewell to our relatives. Soeur Morrell and I then got in line to receive information packets and find out where we would be staying and we found out that we were going to be companions. That was really fun.

We were well suited and got along just fine.  The sisters in our district were Sr. Heidi Hatch and Sr. Duncan. The district leader was Elder Kruze and his companion was Elder Rust.  The other elders were Elder Brock Zobell, who became our district leader after Elder Jack and his companion(our zone leaders) left and Elder Kruze and Elder Rust became our new zone leaders, Elder Brant Wright, Elder Nigel Slack, Elder Noah Van Cott(who later married my companion Katrina Hofheins), Elder Bean and Elder Bishop. Elder Bean, Elder Bishop and Sr. Duncan went to Canada. Elders Rust, Kruze and Sr. Hatch when to the Belgium, Brussells Mission. The other elders came to our mission.

There were lots of other elders that came in that day that were going to our mission; Elder Flinders, Elder Heist, Elder Montierth, Elder Paulson, Elder Elwood and Elder Rogers, and Elder Koncurat. Our teachers were Frere Mason, Frere Lee and Sr. Burton. Frere Mason and Sr. Burton went to our mission and I can't remember about Frere Lee. Other elders and sisters that came before us and were going to our mission were; Elder Marcus, Elder Lauscher, Elder Matt Beazer, Elder Lyman and Elder Danny Robertson. Some missionaries that came to leave 6 weeks later for our mission were our neighbors, Sr Katrina Hofheins and Sr Kristen Powell(married Elder Aaron Keough, Elder Daniel Allen(who married my trainer Kathleen Byrne, Elder Peter Nelson, Elder Robertson, and Elder Graham.

We left early on a monday morning flying to Boston, then to Paris and then to Geneva. I sat by Elders Paulson and Rogers.(alphabetically) I had to reassure some of the elders that the alcohol in the coq au vin was cooked out. The flight to Geneva was on a smaller airplane and it was a very short flight of about an hour. The assistants Elder Bybee and Elder picked us up all with President and Sister Nadauld. The ride home included a brief tour of Geneva. We got to the mission home and were exhausted. We had lunch and interviews. Sr. Melodie Martin and Sr. Anne Catherine Paulus arrived from the Manchester MTC. Sr Paulus was from Belgium and Sr. Martin was from Peau, France near the Spanish border.

Some other missionaries had arrived for lunch and then we all headed out for a few hours of contacting in Geneva. I was paired with Sr. Byrne who later became my trainer. We headed back by train to Chambesy stop which was a short walk from the mission home. We had dinner and a testimony meeting in which we were all trying to stay awake. That night I was put in with Sr. Paulus and Sr Martin was with Sr Morrell. The next day we had breakfast, were told of our new companionships and we all headed our seperate ways. Most of the people had gone on splits with their trainers if distance allowed. The rest just went with other missionaries serving in or near Geneva. I headed off on a train with Sr. Byrne to open a new companionship in an established area. There were a few apartments that had to be doubled up that transfer until a large amount of missionaries headed home in December. There were two sisters companionships in Lyon, Villerurbanne and two in Luxembourg.


The first 6 months
Junior Year

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Golden V. Adams Jr. (website) on Thursday, 16 April 2015 15:41

Sounds like a great start to a great mission. I am amazed at the name detail you listed. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.

Sounds like a great start to a great mission. I am amazed at the name detail you listed. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.