In The Third World


On the road…again!

Afghanistan to Zambia

Chronicles of a Footloose Forester

By Dick Pellek


Third World Footnotes


      You Might Be Middle Class If…                                                You Might Be Poor If…


♣ You have more than one pair of shoes                                             ♦You don’t own any shoes

♣ You have nice Sunday, go to meetin’ clothes                                  ♦You have only the clothes you are wearing          

When you ride on the train, it’s in 2nd Class or above                  ♦When you ride on a train, it’s in 3rd Class only

♣ Your house has a tile or wooden floor                                              ♦Your house has a dirt floor

♣ You go to school                                                                                      ♦You don’t go to school

♣ When you go to school, you go in a tonga, or on a bicycle           ♦When you go to school, you walk

♣ You eat three meals a day, plus snacks                                             ♦You eat once a day, no snacks

♣ You learn to read at an early age                                                        ♦You never learn to read

♣ You listen to your own radio                                                               ♦You don’t have a radio

♣ You tell time with your own watch                                                    ♦You don’t have a watch

♣ You go to a doctor when you are sick                                                ♦You can’t afford to go to a doctor

♣ Your family has an old, beat up car                                                  ♦Nobody in your family has a car          

♣ Your family has a little money in the bank                                      ♦Nobody in your family has a bank account

♣ You brush your teeth daily, with your own toothbrush                ♦You don’t own a toothbrush

♣ You comb your hair with your own comb                                         ♦You don’t own a comb

♣ You put on make-up with the aid of your own mirror                   ♦You don’t use make-up and don’t have a mirror

Aunt Ruthie
Novices, Ghost Writers, Editors, and Publishers


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