How we met

   I was working as a Respiratory Therapist at Cherokee Memorial Hospital in Gaffney SC. James was hired at the same hospital just after graduating from Western Carolina University with a degree in Medical Laboratory Medicine. One of the staff members that I was working with was a lady about my same age named Karen Matsulavich. Karen noticed James working in the laboratory and thought that he was very good looking.

   I was not looking for a boyfriend or a relationship since I had just broken up with a Paramedic that was also working at the same hospital. James was not looking for a girlfriend since he had just broken up with an office employee at the same hospital. Apparently we had been working at the same hospital and had not even noticed each other.

   Karen was fascinated with the good looking guy that worked in the laboratory, and she needs an excuse to go talk to him. Karen found out that the laboratory staff used one of the needles that came in one of our blood draw kits that we used in the Respiratory Department. Karen would spend hours in our supply room, taking the kits apart so that she would have an excuse to go to the laboratory and deliver the extra needles to James. After several deliveries over a few weeks, Karen was worried that James would think that she was stalking him, so Karen incorporated my assistance in delivering the supplies and visit with James without looking suspicious.

   So from then on, every day that Karen and I worked together, Karen would gather the extra supplies and get me to go with her to deliver the supplies to James. All the while, I was noticing that Karen was right, that James was a good looking man. James was noticing how cute that he thought I was also.

   One night, James was playing softball on the hospital team, he came to the hospital after the ball game to talk to me and James asked for my phone number. Of course James had waited until Karen had left for the day, as not to hurt her feelings. James is so smart that he knew all along that Karen was attracted to him, but James was attracted to me.

   After we started dating, I talked to Karen and let her know that James had asked me out, and that I thought he might be "the one". Karen said that she understood and that she had a live-in girlfriend that she did not want anyone to know about.

   James tells the story a little different. According to him, once he rejected Karen, she was so distraught that she could not imagine settling for another man. So she chose women instead.

   Ill let you decide which story you believe.




Strawberry Peak


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