Volunteer Coordinator's Training Guide



Thank you for implement our Pict-Oral Memoirtm program. The information below will help guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing the Certified StoryKeeper Course into your organization. It is our hope that by teaching your volunteers how to teach caregivers and families how to create a Pict-Oral Memoir, it will bring immeasurable rewards to the patient, family, volunteer and the hospice. 



  • Skills and Equipment Checklist- Use this checklist to ascertain the level of available technology accessible near the patient. This will determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for the service. 
  • Profile Form - Use this if the family caregiver asks you to set up the patient's profile in the LegacyStories.org website. The volunteers have been instructed how to use this form in their course. You may decide to take this up at the administrative level.


  • Pict-Oral Memoir Sampler- Use this to introduce the caregiver and family to the enormous role in family history their loved one can play by creating a Pict-Oral Memoir. In some cases, this video can be shown to families by an executive at the home office for marketing purposes. If so, you will not need this.  

You can download this video to play directly from your computer when no internet is available at the time you are presenting the program to the family. To download, click on the link above>>>scroll down just below the video player>>>click the Download button>>>right click on the Original File link>>>choose Save Page As or Save Link As or Save As, depending on your browser's terminology>>>save to your desktop.


In order to attain a high success rate students must meet these minimum qualifications:

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic understanding of web navigation
  • Basic understanding of common file types such as .jpg for photos, etc.
  • Access to a reasonably modern computer with built-in microphone or a USB plug-in mic.
  • Internet access

If students have these basic skills and tools they will have no problem completing the course. Depending on skill level, the course can be completed in 2-3 hours, including practical application.

The purpose of the course is to acquire the basic skills to create an online Pict-Oral Memoir so they can teach the same to the caregiver and/or the family. In most cases the family will use their own laptop computer to record their loved one's photo narrations once they have been taught by the volunteer.

The family/caregiver may also ask the volunteer to do this work but would still be required to provide internet access and/or a computer with microphone if the volunteer doesn't have his or her own. Volunteers with their own wireless laptop are in an advantageous position to perform this service but is not necessary. 

You may want to introduce the program to the family at the time they agree to hire your hospice services. This would be a good opportunity to find out if they are a good candidate for the Pict-Oral Memoir slideshow. The course teaches the volunteer how to introduce the program to the family too if you prefer that approach. You'll find the proper introduction materials in Important Documents and Links section of this page. 


Since the patient's voice recollections will be recorded directly to their LegacyStories.org Pict-Oral Slideshow by way of a computer microphone, a portable laptop computer with internet connection will be necessary. Most people have wireless internet available in the home these days and many have transitioned from desktop to laptop computer. 

If this is not available you can suggest asking other family members to borrow the same for an hour or so during a time when the patient is awake. Someone in the extended family or their friends will likely have one and should be willing to provide it temporarily. 

In cases where wireless laptop with internet access is not available, the volunteer will be shown alternatives, such as using our iPad app. Of course, this means an iPad would need to be available. There is no doubt the Legacy Stories iPad app makes the entire process much easier. However, it is important to learn all ways to record and create a Pict-Oral Memoir to adapt to a variety of situations. The ultimate goal is to teach the family how to continue the process and they do not always have an iPad on hand.

We have added an optional tutorial video in the StoryKeeper Course which teaches how to record photo narratives when internet or iPad is not available. The process requires the purchase of an inexpensive digital voice recorder and also a slightly higher degree of technical experience by the volunteer. 

Information about using the iPad app is also included in the optional tutorial. Even with these alternatives it is possible that due to lack of available equipment or internet access, some patients may not be suitable candidates for this service.


Once you have presented the Certified StoryKeeper opportunity to volunteers and determined those who are qualified and want to participate, instruct them to:

  • Create a free personal profile in www.LegacyStories.org
  • Upload a profile photo


To access the course materials after they have created their free account send each student this link via email: https://www.legacystories.org/public-archives/stories/entry/certified-storykeeper-training


At the end of the course each student is instructed to send his or her certification information along with answers to the course quiz by email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon acknowledgement of successful completion of the course we will email the student his/her certificate which can be printed out and framed. 

If you wish to deliver the certificates as part of an appreciation ceremony of some kind, let us know and we'll send them to you directly. 

Best of luck. For additional questions don't hesitate to email us at the same address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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