Grocery shopping with Mother and Daddy was pretty interesting. We shopped on Friday evening because Friday was pay day. I guess it began on Thursday night when we had leftovers for supper, both to pare down the contents of the refrigerator and to avoid waste. Then on Friday morning Mother defrosted and cleaned the refrigerator. Because we didn't have a car, when Daddy came home from work, we would take the bus to the A&P (Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company - a major grocer to the time).  Because Daddy had a hang-up about children trailing through the store, he would give Nancy and I a quarter and we would walk to the variety (dime) store in the same center. There we would have a wonderful time looking at all the toys and deciding what to do with our quarter.  When the shopping was done, because of the bulkiness of the groceries we would take a taxi back home.  By the time we got home it would be late and we would all be hungry so Mother would fix steak, homemade french fries, salad and french bread - quick but with the feel of a special meal.  We moved fairly often, but I don't remember this routine varying much.  For a while, there was a car and a little more money. Then we would go out to dinner on Friday night and shop on Saturday morning.  Only remember going to a ranch style restaurant on Greenwood Road during this time.  Other family favorites were El Chico's Mexican restaurant and Joe Brocato's Italian restaurant. Perhaps we went to them some of the time.

Leola Butler
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