Giving a Comfort Blanket

You've decided to give a comfort blanket to someone who is grieving the loss of a baby through pregnancy or early infant loss.  It is very important that you walk with care into the arena of anothers sorrow.  Here's a to-do list that will aid you:

1. Choose a blanket to give using the following criteria:

Because the baby blanket given to a grieving family will honor the life of a child lost through pregnancy or early infant loss, it should be of the finest quality. We have established our criteria with care. The blanket you choose should be:

New - no exceptions.
Of excellent quality and workmanship.
Crib size.
Free of offending wording.
Blue, pink, white, or soft pastel such as lavender, green or yellow.
Very soft - micro-fiber or fleece are excellent choices. The use of crocheted or knitted blankets should be limited unless they meet the above criteria and are exceptionally soft.

2.  Copy and include "On a Personal Note" .  Ask the recipient to read that story FIRST before opening your gift.  If you fail to include an explanation your gift will be seen as being extremely insensitive.  Please - this is so important!

3.  Wrap your gift in attractive packaging, and (if at all possible) deliver it yourself.  If the gift is sent through the mail, be sure the recipient knows to read the blanket story before opening the gift.

4.  A Care Gift Basket is a wonderful way to express your concern for one who is struggling in a life storm. Some have chosen to give a complete basket of comfort.  You may choose to do so.  I try to touch each of the senses when I give a gift basket.  If so the following ingredients are suggested:

The contents of the basket are designed to extend comfort.  A standard of excellence as you prepare your basket dignifies the pain of the receiver.  If the cost is prohibitive, you may wish to invite others to join you in acquiring the contents and giving the basket.  The gift you are preparing to give speaks to the heart of one who is suffering a difficult loss.  Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge this deep sorrow.  Your gift dignifies the pain of one who is hurting.  Please donate only new, quality items. 

Quality, clean, sturdy medium-large to large basket.
Large to extra-large, clear, shring wrap bags (to finish the basket)
Clear cellophane gift bags for the candel and mug
Ribbon for bows (wire,white, pastels, etc); or pre-made bow

Large mailing box for those not hand-delivered
Clear packaging tape
Ceramic mug (appropriate style and color)
Sleepy-time Tea (Celestial Seasonings) or other herbal tea
Scented candle and holder
Excellent quality, new, fleece or micro-fiber blankets.  If you are making a basket for a loss other than pregnancy loss or early infant,
it's nice to give a blanket large enough to snuggle in.  For pregnancy loss give a c
rib sized, soft baby blanket. Blue, yellow, white, pink,
or soft green.
Be certain any word embroidery on the blanket is appropriate, i.e.
"Welcome Little Baby" would be hurtful.
Tape/CD (worship or soothing instrumental music)
Journal/pen (appropriate color/design)
Books (new) - appropos to the loss.
Very soft stuffed bear or lamb

by Ronda Knuth

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