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Whether an ameteur or professional genealogist, you mostly likely have heard of FamilySearch, the largest genealogical organization in the world with over 4500 family history centers and a database of over 3.5 billion ancestor records. became the first web application to be certified by FamilySearch with the Tree Connect platform. This gives our members the ability to link their stories, photos and audios to an ancestor record on the FamilySearch Family Tree.

This brings CLAs a unique opportunity to teach the public as well as Family History center consultants how the Tree Connect feature works with our website. With over 4600 Centers world wide there is probably one near you.

By walking people through our website functionality and the linking process you are provided a non-commercial opportunity to establsh meaningful relationships with potential new clients who may need your assistance for any number of legacy-related services after class.

If this avenue interests you, the information below provides most of everything you should need. To fill in any blanks, you only need to attend one of our webinars to meet others who have already chosen this opportunity. 

At the very least, by viewing the 4-part course yourself, you'll know what is required for you to teach others. A fascinating journey begins with the first click below:

Press Release: Click HERE

Tree Connect Video Tutorials

Additional Handouts