Bonnie (don't tickle Bonnie or we're going to have a pee fight)

My sister Bonnie has a very weak bladder. When we were growing up, if we tickled her long enough she would pee her pants.  We did it often enough that finally our dad told us that if we did it again that we would have a pee fight.  The idea was we would pee in buckets or something and then we would all throw at each other. Ok, well it never did happen and Bonnie got tickled a lot less after that. The funny thing is I am sure if we tickled her today, she would still not be able to control her bladder. I have imagined countless times a boyfriend tickling her, as a flirtation tactic, and it going wrong and then I laugh at that image.


Our neighbors, the Kones, had a barn in which Bonnie frequently played. One time she brought down a bucket that she had been using up there as her play toilet. It was filled with fermented urine. Enough said.


Bonnie and I weren't very close when we were growing up. She was a tattle tale and was always trying to be one of the big kids. She was the 6th child of 10. When she turned 10 she walked around saying, "double digits" as if that would make her a big kid. We unkindly informed her that no matter her age she would always be one of the little kids. (We might have said little boys. Since the last four were boys and she was often grouped with them.)

Once when I really had to use the bathroom she locked both bathrooms so I wouldn't be able to use one. Then she grabbed the screwdrivers, which we would often use to open said bathroom doors when they were locked, and locked them inside the bathrooms shutting the locked doors. By this time I was really mad and really had to pee and so I sat on her and peed. It wasn't the best decision obviously but she never locked me out of the bathroom again.

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