2nd half of Swiss Mission

So I was serving in Annemasse. Brother Rangel the elder got baptized the first week that I was there. His daughter was coming to live with them soon and was ready to hear the gospel. Sr. Martin left and Sr. Morrell and Sr. Hofheins came to be with me. Elder Jenner left and was replaced by Elder Danny Robertson. Lots of people went out of town and lots of businesses shut down for August. We went to Y'voire for a ward activity, it's an old city turned into a place you can tour and it's also by Lac Leman. We road with Frere Quarino, the DMP(ward mission leader) and his daugher. It was very hot in that apartment since we had only fans and no ac. Most of Europe lives without ac. Angelique Duby had been going to culinary school in Lyon but was from Annemasse. We would visit her mother and when she finished the term she came home and helped us quite a bit. She then decided to serve a mission. It was great to see the changes that people made as they came to know the gospel.

I went back to Lyon and served with Sr. Paulus. It was fun to see the ward members and people we were teaching. Papa Daniel and Solome were in the other ward but Solome was finally getting baptized after a year of learning about the gospel. Papa Daniel had been a preacher so he had to make some sacrifices to join the church.

The mission couple at the Lyon institute for a long time was the Bengtzens. They were a fun loving couple that shared their love for the gospel with all of the college students.

Soeur Paulus walked into a metal pole one day and it hit her pelvic bone with some force. She got transferred to Grenoble for a few weeks, but the pain was substantial and she ended up going home. The elders in our district were Elder Heist and Montierth who had been in the MTC with me. Then Elder Dayln Beazer took the place of Elder Montierth.

Soeur Chelsea Aitken came and served with me next. I was finally the senior companion. I knew the area pretty well because I served there 4 transfers. Ama Osei and Anne Marie Orcel were members that helped the missionaries quite a bit.

There were lots of african familes that had emigrated and refugees. They were quite open to the gospel and either had been or were living in poor circumstances and were very humble, but joyful.

My whole mission I didn't mind going to Luxembourg, but I really didn't like the cold and so hoped that I wouldn't go there in the winter. I left to go there in November 2004 the week before Thanksgiving and stayed there until the end of my mission at the end of March 2005.(It was cold the entire time and the weather was not much different than I imagine in Great Britain, wet and cold.)  I first served with Sr. Dana Duce and then two transfers with Sr Theresa Cox. There was a mission couple there, the Tolbridges. They gave us a huge jar of nutella and the elders were going crazy on their jar. I don't much care for nutella, so it wasn't a problem for me, but even the elders got sick of it after eating it for days on bread they got rid of the rest. I think we gave the rest of our jar to the sisters in Metz.(Sr. Hofheins and Sr. Alison McIntyre the first transfer and then and Sr. Alexis Smith. The elders were Elder Ereksen, Elder Cummings and Elder Day. We had Elder Rydalch and Elder Anderson also.

Elder Mike Erekson served with me first in Lyon(2 transfers). Then he and I went to Grenoble. He was companions with Elder Allen and trained Elder Bangerter there(2 transfers). I then served three more transfers with him in Luxembourg. So basically half my mission. We learned to work together well, I guess.

I took a long train ride back to Geneva with Sr. Hofheins. We went contacting again around Geneva, starting at the train station and it was more fun because it was with a bunch of friends. We stayed in the mission home again, this time downstairs. I stayed with Sr. Morrell and Sr Hofheins stayed with Sr Powell, both of our MTC companions. We had our exit interviews and dinner with the Nadaulds.

I flew back to Missouri via Ohio and got back in time for general conference and easter that weekend. It was a great experience working with the other missionaries, members of the church and those souls searching for more meaning. I know that God lives and He loves us all.

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