When I was fourteen, I was out looking for work.  My Dad wasn't able to work and mother was cleaning houses.  It seemed like, as a family, we had sturggles to make ends meet and food on the table and clothes on our backs.  So I thought if I could go to work I could help out.

Hilda (my older sister) was going to Henager's Business College and I figured I'd like to do that so I enrolled in Henager's Business College and dropped out.  I had found a job as a sales clerk at the Paris Company, an exclusive store.

I worked there for a couple of months and then went to work as a waitress at the Waldorf Cafe.  I worked there for three or four months.  Then I went to work for the Union Pacific Railroad as an elevator operator in the Union Pacific Building.

I remember that KSL Radio station was on the top floor of that building at that time and I met all the dignitaries that were taken up to be interviewed on the radio.

World War II was on and one afternoon as I was operating the elevator, a cople of very handsome Air Force young men came into my elevator.  Their names were Ralph Green and Golden Adams.  They stayed in the elevator and flirted with me for a couple of hours, and before they left Golden asked if he could have a date with me.  I told him, "Sure.  When would your like to go out?"

He said, "How about tonight?  Do you have a friend for my buddy?"

I can't remember who she was, but we found a friend for his buddy.  This began our courtship, but that's another story.