What Are The Positive And Negative Sides Of Technology On Humanity?


Technology is dependent on technology in the modern world due to its multiple benefits. At the same time, it can pose a treat to your lives. The amount of usage of anything can differ between the positivity and negative ration of the thing. Similarly, Cheap Nursing Assignment Help UK explains in a more clear way to give you an insight into the topic.

  1. Usage of devices

Everyone is using mobiles nowadays. It is more feasible to communicate without any problem from anywhere to everywhere. At the same time, the excessive use of mobiles can cause cancer through radiation.

  1. Propaganda tool

Media is an effective tool to get diversified data from e-libraries and to increase academic ranks. Moreover, you can get an appropriate job through online resume posting in any country while showing your skills through an online platform. On the other hand, media is using as a tool to inculcate the particular culture, psychology, and trends to manipulate youth.

  1. Increasing psychological issues

People see celebrities and their lifestyles and; like to have the same. But, due to financial and cultural differences, they cannot adopt all. This thing brings depression, anxiety, and suicides.

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