I was one of those people that married into a ready made family. My wife had a 2 year son when we met and I fell in love with both. It was several years later that we expanded the family. Thirty years ago tomorrow afternoon, a beautiful gift from God arrived in the form of a baby girl. Even though I had been the father of my step-son for more that five years and been through many child-parent moments such as first day in kindergarten, birthday parties, Christmas', holloweens' etc. I was not prepared for the life altering moment of holding a piece of me in my arms moments after a birth.

That day thirty years ago was certainly a memory high light that will definitely be in the top 100 of the memory list.  There are literally countless memories to be accounted for in one's life. It would take a few pages to fill in the details of just one day that changed this mans life that moment on. For now we will just take a moment and reflect on what happened three decades ago.