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Religious Studies Included in the curriculum – good or bad?

Religion is an area that is fast becoming a part of education. Numerous academic institutions have started to include religion as part of their curriculum. The purpose of doing so is to make the students aware of their religious aspect and increase their knowledge about the same. However, the issue is that many people are opposed to the view of religious studies being part of the curriculum. In this, there are some parents involved as well.

Students to receive an assignment on religious topics, for which some take assistance from essay writing services. Parents are of the view that a one-time situation is acceptable; but, continuously allowing religious studies to be part of the curriculum should never be part of the education. The purpose of some parents being against it is they believe that students would not have an understanding of their own. They would think everything from the religious point of view which can lead to issues for them in the future. Therefore, religious studies should be completely avoided.

In the management aspect of numerous academic institutions, many staff members are divided on the notion as well. Some staff members are of the view that having religious studies within the curriculum will bring a change of thinking towards the way academic institutions are run and this is something that can create havoc in the future. On the other hand, there are some teachers and parents who believe that having religious studies within the curriculum would be a good approach. It would broaden the thinking of every individual that comes across it and ensure that they can think from a different point of views. Students must be given the chance to think from different aspects and decide their view of a particular situation.

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