I was born December 23 so my first cake was a home made red velvet cake made by Mom.  White icing thank you - not that nasty cream cheese stuff.  Always decorated with red and green icing as well.... Decorations on top of the cake would change over the years depending on what I was interested in (Barbie, Snoopy, ballet, Star Wars, Auburn University) but it ALWAYS had white icing and was the BEST red velvet ever.  Unfortunately I ate my last cake in 2009 as Mom passed away Dec 29th of that year.

Others have tried to fill in that huge whole (best friend did store bought red velvet cake mix and decorated it blue and orange for Auburn) and it ws yummy - but nothing will ever beat mom's.  My sweet hubby even bought me a store made cake but he didn't know the secret of NO CREAM CHEESE icing soooo - I tried to eat it, but I don't like cream cheese icing.

This is one tradition that ended with Mom.... I have the receipe and made a beautiful scrapbook page about it.  But I can't make it as good as Mom did.  So this tradition will have to live on in the memory of my tastebuds!