I wish I knew my grandparents better before they passed. What I know of them comes from a few visits as a child and conversations with my parents. Genealogists are often surprised by their discoveries about past family members. But what will my descendants be surprised to know about me?

That question is why I love to tell my legacy stories. If I don't then someone else will or those who find me in the world database will draw their own conclusion. So, in the interest of answering this question I hope my descendants are surprised by many jobs I've had with my time here on earth.

Talk About a surprise. Here's a list of jobs, careers and businesses I have done so far. More to come I'm sure:

I gave up thinking of more. Is it possible to do all this in 60 years? Given that 100 years ago most people did one job for a lifetime it is amazing how much one can do today to taste life from many angles and pursuits. I seriously doubt this is the end of it either and this doesn't include all what goes into a 42 year marriage with 2 sons. I hope my descendants find this array of jobs to be a surprise.