Life is nothing, but a series of miseries intervened by small moments of happiness. If you are a millennial, then you are probably looking for ways to fall asleep eternally without dying. While no technology has yet been developed for that, you can still use alternative means to check out from life from time to time. The following guide includes healthy tips that you can use if you want a break from existence.

Binge a TV Series

TV series is the best way to clock out of the world as you can have the opportunity to zone out from your current reality. You can hire assignment writing service by professional writers to make time for yourself and temporarily escape the prison of university life.

If you want to make this trip interesting, you can watch a series with multiple seasons and a storyline that hooks you. Research some of the best shows present on your streaming site and run a binge-a-thon.

Play videogames

Videogames are a fun way to escape the existing universe. You can host a game night and invite other people to enjoy this venture with you. Videogames allow you to leave the current state of anxiety and start a new adventure in a much interesting place.

Go out on a date

If you feel that you want to be around strangers, go out on a date with a complete stranger. This will allow you to numb your mind from the stress-inducing things around you. Also, you can spend your time getting to know other people.

Go out with your friends

Another thing that you can do when you want to distract yourself from the reality of this world is going out with all your friends. You can plan a night out and go for partying or a long drive. When you are around other people, you can let go of the control that binds you to behave in a certain pattern. So, allow yourself to release the energy that is caged within you.

Go to the movie theatre

If you don’t have much time, you can have an easy escape by going to a movie theatre. You don’t have to watch your favorite movie. Instead, you can watch the first movie depending on the ticket that is available to you. By being engrossed in a terrible movie, you can find a brief escape from reality.

Make memes

There is nothing more exciting than looking at memes. In doing so, you can waste many hours of your life by just studying meme formats and learning the true art of making attractive yet humorous memes.

This way, you can invest time in finding the latest meme format, reaction GIFs and coming up with strong but relatable captions that can be applied to the investigated format. Making memes does not only provide you with an escape, but it can also help you get rid of negative emotions.

Indulge in comfort food

Indulging in comfort food is the best way to escape. You can think about all the things that you love and order them from your favorite restaurants. Next, you can throw a party for yourself and eat delicious food that can take you to another planet.

Numbing yourself is healthy as long as you do it to avoid the negativity in your life. It is important to channel the negativity out in an effective and non-harmful manner. However, when this practice becomes frequent, it is essential to seek a mental health professional who can guide you through this destructive process and help you lead a healthy life- both mentally and physically!