Your Free Legacy Photo Organizer


Before the digital revolution, families saved an average of 3,000 photos in albums and shoe boxes, many representing the visual record of life-defining moments, milestones and special people. Today we are drowning in an ocean of digital images.

Gone are the days when grandchildren turned the album pages to learn about their elders. It is unreasonable to believe they will take the time to sift through tens of thousands of your photos to find the important ones, those that can give them a sense of who they are and what life was like in your time.

Our Legacy Slide Show component is a sanctuary where you can curate, preserve and share your highest-priority "legacy photos" in a format that helps future generations learn about their family history.

If used for photos alone, your free Legacy Portfolio (1GB) has enough storage capacity for about 5,000 vintage family photos (who needs that many anyhow?)

With our Legacy Slide Show component you can......

  • create unlimited photo albums to organize and view slide shows.
  • drag and drop photos inside slide show albums to appear chronologically or otherwise.
  • use your computer microphone to record your voice while describing the story behind the photo
  • discriminately share each photo with five audiences: Private, family, friends, family and friends, our contribute to our public library.
  • link ancestor photos to over 12 billion records in FamilySearch, the official Family Tree of humankind
  • share your Legacy Slides Shows on popular social media platforms