Living Legacy Project Offers Income Opportunities to Baby Boomers Looking for Purposeful Work 

Press Release

Knoxville, TN, June 2, 2015 — Baby Boomers are looking for more purposeful work that can leverage career skills they've acquired. For many, recording the legacy stories of their peers is exactly what they are seeking.

Living Legacy Project Co-Founder, Tom Cormier, has found a way to solve two major issues in one fell swoop. “Thousands of aging boomers and their parents are passing away each day, taking with them arguably the greatest body of wisdom and life lessons ever recorded,” says Cormier. “Who better to rescue the legacies of their peers than boomers looking for purposeful work?”

In 2008, Cormier co-founded the Living Legacy Project, with a mission to rescue and record the life lessons learned during the 20th century before they are lost forever. In addition to providing do-it-yourself legacy stories interview techniques and technology, the need for recording legacy stories of non tech-savvy seniors requires a network of trained, independent Legacy Stories Consultants.

For many, it is the first time they have owned a business. The skills required are inherent to baby boomers looking for ways to apply their experience. Legacy Stories Consultants are provided with the necessary recording techniques, a mobile app, established pathways to acquire clients, and the support needed to be successful. 

Deborah Perham spent three decades as owner of "Americourt Pride", a court-reporting agency in New York City and on Long Island. Today, she is using her court reporting skills to transition into a new career as a Legacy Stories Consultant and owner of "A Lifetime Legacy". 

"It's a natural progression," says, Perham. "The storyteller is the witness. The photographs are exhibits, friends and family are expert witnesses." She continues, "This project has given me great exposure for my new business."

"As a Professional Organizer, legacy services are a perfect add-on service," says Sandy Jones, owner of Dallas-based, 'Organized by Sandy'. "As I help people cull through their closets full of photos I can now help them do something more meaningful with the ones that matter." 

"Time is slipping away and thousands of communities will not be served until we recruit and train a legion of Legacy Stories Consultants," says Cormier. "With millions of baby boomers looking for purposeful work to support their retirement, there is no excuse to lose this valuable personal history." 

ABOUT THE LIVING LEGACY PROJECT - Founded in 2008, the Living Legacy Project's mission is to record and preserve the human experience of the 20th century before it goes extinct.

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