Legacy Stories IOS and Android Mobile App Records Memories by Reminiscing with Purpose

Press Release

Knoxville, TN, June 22, 2015 — LegacyStories.org has added new features to its award-winning IOS and Android mobile app. The app scans family photos and records the teller's voice while reminiscing. This time, reminiscing with purpose. New features include the ability to record an oral history without the need for a photo.  

With over 78% of adults and their teenage children owning smart phones, a tipping point has been reached where preserving irreplaceable personal history can now be at the fingertips of virtually everyone, because of the Legacy Stories app. 

"With the invention of the Brownie camera in the 1940's, we were the first generations in history to document our milestones and defining moments, collectively representing the human experience of the 20th century," says Tom Cormier, CEO of LegacyStories.org.

"These vintage photos are fading away in closets and, without identification, many of the people in the images might as well be strangers to our grandchildren. The app efficiently reclaims the photos and captures the narrator's voice, personality and attitude while describing the photos, then archives the Pict-Oral Audios in a digital library"

As users build collections of life eras or events, they can order a "Pict-Oral Memoir" as a backup or gift, burned onto 100-year archival DVD. 

The Legacy Stories app also offers communities, groups and organizations a convenient and exciting way to collect and share Pict-Oral Audios related to their group, with members contributing content. Sharing recorded legacy stories not only brings members together for the benefit of the group but also starts each person on their own legacy building process. 

"The convenience of the app makes it ideal for groups to connect with members in a meaningful way." Cormier said. "Empowering faith-based, cultural, ethnic and non-profit groups to build their own Pict-Oral history library is the fastest way to save the living history of our time." 

ABOUT LEGACYSTORIES.ORG- LegacyStories.org is a cloud-secured living history library, providing back-up and storage of carefully selected recorded memories that rise to the level of legacy. The site is free and offers additional premium features or storage when required. Members can share content with five different audiences - private, family, friends, friends and family, and public.

Members can link individual content to over 3.5 billion ancestor records in the FamilySearch Family Tree, the world's official family tree of human kind.

For more information contact: 
Tom Cormier- Co-Founder

Phone- 423-295-5904 Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.