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When it comes to telling legacy stories, the spoken word is incomparable. And when you combine a legacy photo with a recorded audio narration, you get the best of both worlds by preserving the image and capturing your voice, personality, dialect and attitude. We call these "Pict-Oral Audios."

With our Legacy Audio component you can preserve and share your vintage audio recordings that have been digitized from old cassettes, reel-to-reels or 8-track audio tapes, etc. You can upload a photo to compliment each recording to create a Pict-Oral Audio.

Now, all your priceless audio recordings of childhood memories, recitals, family skits, music, lectures, and more can be brought to life again and shared with family and friends. 

In this same Legacy Audio component you can record, preserve and share your oral history with our free IOS or Android mobile app. The app will scan a photo then record your voice while reminiscing. Or, you can record without a photo. 

Each recording can be discriminately shared with five different audiences; private, family, friends, family and friends, or you can share it with the world in our public library.

It's rare to find a secure place online to preserve and share your audio recordings, but now you can add these valuable oral histories to your legacy portfolio and...

  • create multiple albums to organize recordings by life events
  • drag and drop recording tracks to display chronologically or otherwise
  • use our StoryKeeper Guidebook with over 220 legacy questions to elicit memories and important life events
  • discriminately share each individual recording with five different audiences and on popular social network platforms
  • automatically notify subscribing friends and family when new recordings are uploaded

Coming Soon!

Stitch Your Audio Recordings Into a Video!

We are in the process of developing a way for you to stitch your individual audio recordings, along with their associated images, into an .mp4 video. Here's what you can do:

  • Select the audio albums from which to include recordings in the video
  • Drag and drop the recordings into sequence, whether chronologically or by event, etc.
  • Render into an .mp4 video up to 90 minutes in length
  • Download the video directly to your computer, or send a link to friends and family.

We are currently expecting to offer this service at no cost for videos less than 20 minutes in length. For longer videos, we estimate the price to range from $39 to $59, up to 90 minutes maximum length. This may change once we are a little further into the process. Get the Legacy Stories app and start recording your Legacy Audios today!