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If you offer any of the services listed below you should join the Legacy Concierge Service.

How It Works

LegacyStories is the world's go-to resource for all things legacy. In addition to our award winning legacy-building tools and technology, our new Legacy Concierge Service provides families with resources beyond the scope of our website features. 

Site members and visitors from around the globe can call the Legacy Concierge or search for a provider from the directory. Recently launched, we are simultaneously promoting the service while growing our provider network. For opportunists in this early stage you can become a Legacy Concierge Provider at a low introductory rate and receive the following benefits:

  • Listing in the Legacy Concierge Provider Directory
  • Establish relationships with other providers for strategic opportunities
  • Marketing support to promote the Legacy Concierge Service to your clients, family, friends and community
  • Affiliate link to automatically connect invited clients, family and citizens to your LegacyStories profile

For a nominal annual fee you have the opportunity to win a relationship with new clients who are in "legacy mode," which can lead to years of future business and referrals. That's why your company should be a valued provider in the Legacy Concierge Service!

SCREENING FEE: To assure the highest standard of provider quality, we perform a confidential business screening check. For this, we charge a one-time screening fee of $25. This helps to protect our clients, our company and the integrity of our professional partners and sponsors.

DISCLAIMER: Listing in the Legacy Concierge Service is not an endorsement by LegacyStories, its members, partners or assigns, and we are not liable for the performance of any our providers' services. We do not levy transaction fees or share in revenues generated by our providers' services.


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