Gail Sheehy Helps Caregivers Rescue Life Lessons


NYT Best-selling author, Gail Sheehy, joins forces with to alert the caregiver community about the consequences of allowing their loved ones' life lessons to be lost forever, and to provide the means to have them recorded and persevered.


Press Release

Knoxville, TN, September 1, 2015 – A new alliance has been formed between, the world’s premier online living history library, and Gail Sheehy, one of the most respected authorities on the subject of caregiving.  

A world-renowned journalist, lecturer and NYT bestselling author, Sheehy wrote her first book Passages: Predictable Crises in Adult Life in 1984. It was named one of the ten most influential books of our time by The Library of Congress. 

In 2010, Gail funneled all the wisdom and compassion of a woman who cared for her husband for over 15 years into another book: Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence, which earned the Books for a Better Life “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2012. 

Tom Cormier, Co-Founder of, expressed his enthusiasm about Sheehy’s role:

“We are honored to have Gail as Caregiver Ambassador. She will enrich millions of caregivers and their families in a way that not only makes their caregiving experience more meaningful, but can also secures an honored place in family history for themselves and their loved one.” 

The alliance came about with the launch of the Living Legacy Project, whose mission it is to rescue and record the life lessons of people who experienced life in the 20th century, before they go extinct.

The primary recording tool is the Legacy Stories IOS and Android Mobile app. The app scans a vintage family photo and records the teller's voice while reminiscing. This time, "reminiscing with purpose."

The recordings are uploaded and stored to a private legacy portfolio in Once there, they can be organized sequentially and burned onto 100-year archival DVDs as an heirloom "Pict-Oral Memoir."  

“Loved ones in care often lose a sense of purpose, yet they may be the only ones who can identify people in vintage family photos, who might as well be strangers to grandchildren,” states Cormier. “Our app enriches the caregiver and the family today and in the future.”

An awareness campaign is underway, starting with a featured video on the website and a personal introduction on the official Gail Sheehy website,

I’m an ambassador for and the Living Legacy Project – offering an easy, ingenious way for caregivers to help a loved one create a digital legacy for family, friends, and future generations. It’s so COOL to see photos of memorable moments and hear a loved one’s voice narrating the memory — forever.”

Gail recorded legacy stories while reminiscing about her late husband, Clay, as an example of how the process works. These recordings give voice to Clay, and can be heard in a collection of Pict-Oral Audios.

“I look forward to introducing this revolutionary app to caregivers. It’s simple to record the voice of a loved one as he or she tells stories behind family photographs. This means of preservation will fill an enormous gap between generations and bring great comfort to loved ones now and in the future,” says Sheehy.

ABOUT LEGACYSTORIES.ORG- is a cloud-secured living history library, providing a free Legacy Portfolio to back-up and store carefully selected recorded memories that rise to the level of legacy. 

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