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Rescuing the living history of the 20th century


The greatest body of wisdom in history is threatened to go extinct as millions of senior citizens pass away each day. These irreplaceable life lessons, values, traditions and experiences represent the human record of the 20th century. Without a movement to rescue this valuable wisdom, future generations will be denied their chance to learn from those who came before them. This comes at a time when our youth are learning their values from reality show celebrities and through their social networks. 

The Living Legacy Project was formed in 2008 to bring awareness to this urgent issue and to mobilize families, groups, communities and businesses to take action. 

For this, we developed the free self-guided Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program (LSRP) that delivers weekly legacy questions via email. Participants answer in story form by using our IOS or Android mobile app or by writing in their Legacy Story Blog.

Participants register into the program by entering their name and email address in a signup form, which is hosted, along with an introductory video, on websites of non-profits and businesses. We charge businesses to offer their clients this legacy-building service, which helps to fund our ability to provide non-profits with the same at no cost. 

The Legacy Story Reminiscence Program is an ideal way for organizations to connect with their families and supporters, and can be used as a fundraiser. Many organization types are perfectly suited to promote the LSRP, especially those that serve families involved with Alzheimer's disease, cancer, hospice, adoption, refugees, etc. Ethnic, cultural, faith-based groups and others can engage with their flocks in a meaningful way with the LSRP. 

To learn more about how the Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program can benefit your organization or business, please call us at 888-405-9840 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The video below describes the Living Legacy Project and the Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program from the participant's perspective.